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Today this scientific documentary is still as relevant as when it was produced some 15 years ago. The moving documentary of the French-Algerian film maker Tahi from 1996 is raising numerous questions which have not been answered until this day: How reliable is the test? Why do the criteria for a positive test vary from one country to another? Someone tested positive in France may be negative in the US. Even worse: test results differ from one laboratory to another in the US. And in Africa the criteria for a positive test are lower than in any other country. This has led to very high rates like in Uganda where up to 30% of tests are positive in some regions in the 90s. Since the rates have gone down to 5-10% - because the test has been modified.

Djamel Tahi's film is exactly researched and leaves the viewer full of doubts about the widely held AIDS theory. It also criticizes the dogmatic scientific debate around HIV.